Who We Are

Meet Our Staff
Here are the members of the Brevard Humane Society’s Management Team who support our organization in the community. There are countless other support staff, volunteers and local supporters that help us to continue our mission and provide for the homeless animals in Brevard.

• Theresa Clifton, Executive Director
(321) 636-3343 ext: 204 · director@brevardhumanesociety.com

• Robin Ruhe, Shelter Manager
(321) 636-3343 ext. 205 · shelter.manager@brevardhumanesociety.com

• Shannon Barone, Volunteer Coordinator
(321) 636-3343 ext: 207 · volunteer.coordinator@brevardhumanesociety.com

• Brent Thomas, Chapel Services Manager
(321) 636-3343 ext: 208 · chapel.services@brevardhumanesociety.com

• Eileen Cole, Media Relations Manager
(321) 636-3343 ext. 209 · media.manager@brevardhumanesociety.com

Kennel Manager
(321) 636-3343 · kennel.manager@brevardhumanesociety.com

Merritt Island Adoption Center
155 Pioneer Road, Merritt Island
(321) 636-3343 ext: 214 · miadopt@brevardhumanesociety.com

Molly Mutt Thrift Shops
• Molly Mutt I, (321) 459-1525
• Molly Mutt II, (321) 951-3607
• Molly Mutt III, (321) 638-8950
• Molly Mutt IV, (321) 951-2777

2013-2014 Board of Directors
• President: Sandi Trudeau, Sunny Beach Rentals
• Vice President: Robert Smith, SGT, Inc.
• Treasurer: Dianne George, Brevard Nature Alliance, Inc.
• Secretary: Justin Ward, Lockheed Martin

• Julie Clover, Community Credit Union
• Michelle Earltinez, CVT, Eastern Florida State College
• Dennis Gollehon, Dennis Gollehon, P.A.
Bill Griffith, Health First
• Karen Lee, Community Volunteer
• Jodi Levesque, Engineering Consultant
• Ellen Loegering, Intuitive Counselor
Susan Thompson, National Realty
• Tom Yardley, Yardley Law

Position Statement: Millions of animals are euthanized each year for lack of “forever” homes. Purchasing or “rescuing” a puppy or kitten from a pet store supports puppy and kitten mills, an industry which mass breeds animals for profit, without consideration for genetic quality, appropriate husbandry, veterinary care, or “homing” techniques. Therefore, the Brevard Humane Society is against the sale of puppies, dogs, kittens and cats in pet stores.

Members of the Board may be contacted through the Brevard Humane Society at (321) 636-3343 ext. 204 or director@brevardhumanesociety.com.

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